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Part Camp. Part Conference. Part Retreat. 

What is it?

The Catholic Youth Ministry Campference is a mix between a camp, a conference, and a retreat. It is a gathering of Catholic youth ministers (paid, unpaid, core team, volunteer, priest…..everybody) for a weekend filled with discussion, prayer, challenges, fun, and food.


Why have it?

Because it doesn’t exist in the Catholic world right now. We want to offer something that is accessible and affordable for ALL our youth ministry leaders to gather and be fed. Our two diocese span 23, 647 sq miles and it is safe to say it is difficult to find time to gather those responsible for that wide area and this is that time.

What will you get?

A community of support, prayer, conversations with leaders in Youth Ministry, both local and national.

Who's Coming?

Mike Patin

Michael Gormley

Paul Sifuentes

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©2020 Hosted by Archdiocese of Indianapolis & Diocese of Lafayette

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